Patient Testimonials

Neck and Knee Pain

Dr. Roach has helped me very much relieving pain first to my neck ( herniated Discs) and now my knees (torn medial meniscus ) I have been amazed at his seemingly simple non-evasive techniques for pain relief. I highly recommend him.

Ann Post, Mount Vernon


I have been treated by Dr.Roach for about 2 years he has been able to stabilize my anxiety and Depression through the use of acupuncture,nutrition and supplements. His gentle personality and skillful abilities as a practitioner has made me feel healthy and rejuvenated.

Patty, Yonkers NY

Patient Support

Great bedside manner!

Tammy Collins-Richardson,

Excellent Care

Dr. Dale Roach was so kind, intelligent and overall so wonderful that I am now going to see him weekly!

Dr. Antiaris,

Fine Acupuncturist

Dr Roach is very knowledgeable, and a fine acupuncturist. I recommend him highly!

Dr. Gilda Carle,

Great Acupuncturist

I have been getting acupuncture since I was 17 years old. During those years, I have had many acupuncturists, and I can honestly tell you that Dr. Dale Roach is the greatest acupuncturist I have ever had. I have become his patient, and am feeling great for the first time in years. Not only does he know what he is doing, but he also has a great personality.

Diomaris Contreras,

Very knowledgable

Very knowledgable individual. Soft spoken and easy to understand. When speaking to me he made sure I understood the terms and what with his PDA he showed me pictures and diagrams. Loved it.!

Vilma Huertras,

Really liked him!

Really liked him! will definitely return.

Gail Peters,

Thorough Explanation

Dr. Roach was very thorough with his explanation of the process and what to expect.

Adrian Stewart,

Back Pain

I have been seeing Dr. Roach for back pain and his acupuncture treatments work wonders!

Nanette Delumpa,

Pain Relief

Dr. Dale Roach has done more in six months of treating me to relieve my pain than all of the medical and other health professionals that have treated me for it over more than a decade. His approach is unique, combining traditional medical and acupuncture techniques with some of the newest and most innovative advances in the health field. As a former health professional myself, I have been constantly amazed by the wide range of his knowledge and his commitment to the health of his patient. Unlike so many doctors today, Dr. Roach actually listens to his patient and tries to tailor his treatments to what has the best chance of helping that patient. I saw improvement in my condition beginning with my very first treatment by Dr. Roach and his treatments have produced a REAL, significant improvement in my quality of life. I simply cannot give Dr. Roach enough praise for how he has treated me. I have recommended him to friends and always give him my highest recommendation. In my opinion, he is absolutely superb!

Neil G.L. Masters, Mount Vernon NY,


I was diagnosed six months ago with fibromyalgia which is terribly painful disorder. The options for treatment were only pain medicines which all had very bad side effects. My friend had recommended that I see Dr. Roach and it has been a true blessing. In the months that I have been coming here, my pain has greatly diminished . Most of my days are pain free and I am relaxed and feel well. Dr.Roach has helped to rid me of most of my pain through acupuncture and diet . Seeing Dr Roach has truly changed my life for the better.

Maureen Mandariano, New Rochelle, March 2013

Bipolar Disorder

Living with bipolar disorder for 15 years has been extremely difficult . Living with the side effects of traditional prescription medications negatively impacted my quality of life. The decision to turn to alternative treatment with Dr.Roach was the best decision I ever made. His deep commitment to healing as well as his gentle presence provides a powerful and sacred environment for treatment. Dr.Roach is the most dedicated,comprehensive healer I have ever been to and words can't express my gratitude toward him. Dr. Roach's treatment ,which includes nutritional counseling and herbal remedies, has helped balance and stabilize my mood swings : the degree, frequency and intensity of the ups and downs. Being under the care of Dr.Roach has improved my health and quality of life .

Danielle, Ossining , NY,

Immune Build-up

Dr. Roach has made a dramatic difference in my overall health. He has helped build up my immune system by using both acupuncture and herbal therapies. his knowledge and compassion make him a excellent healer.

Valerie G. New Rochelle N.Y,

Hip Injury

DAfter injuring my hip, I was hobbling around in pain for over three months. An orthopedist informed me that I had a bad contusion, and that I just had to "take pain relievers and give it time to heal". After two more months of pain and limping, I decided to try something different. Dr. Roach immediately identified my injury, and after 5 weeks of simple and painless treatments, my hip pain has completely disappeared. And it required no medication or painful physical therapy. I am so happy with Dr. Roach's results, I can now pursue my dream vacation´┐Ż a hiking trip to Machu Picchu!

P.S. I've started a wheatgrass routine. For now it's every other day, but I already noticed a change in my energy level.